Hi there, hope your having a wonderful day. I’d like to say that this isn’t a one topic blog. to be honest I really don’t consider myself a blogger. I just like to write. I’ve written some short stories that I might one day post, but till then this blog is mostly what I want it to be. Something fun, entertaining, informational, etc….

I could careless if anyone reads, as long as I do what I love and post things I think might need to be posted. I’m not some highly rich person, I’m just your average young-adult tech guy in the south.

Now I know the internet and especially YouTube has very useful tutorials on how to do tech stuff, but if you need someone who can go into more detail then I’m always here. I can be reached at my Email, which I’ll have listed below for you.

I’m mostly writing, reading, playing games, or at school. Life is looking up and I hope that if you are reading then I look forward to see what the future brings for all of us. Have a great day . . .


Email: brianj1911@hotmail.com


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