Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition

Ok, so we all had a little excitement when E3 17 came around back in June. Well, maybe a little more than a little excitement. But, nonetheless, we got to finally see what Project Scorpio actually looked like. Also, we finally got to hear what Microsoft decided to call the new Xbox One. To be fair, the name “Xbox One X” is a cool name. But, I had wished for something with a little more flare. I also wished for a little more design. But, what we did get is by far very exciting.

It’s now time for that special announcement that came via Xbox at Gamescom. I mostly skipped over it and will watch it more in depth later, but my main focus was the pre-order date. Now I was thinking that the pre-orders would probably start next month at some point. But, that’s when they announced that the pre-orders would start today. Not only that, but they also had a little something else for us. Here, they introduce the very Limited edition Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition.

Now, the PS Edition is only slightly different than the regular edition. As a few highlights, Xbox knew how much we loved the name “Project Scorpio”, so to the fans they decided to make a limited edition version. It’s still priced at $499. But this version includes the Project Scorpio logo, a special colored system (Black at top, moving to slight grey on bottom), a vertical stand, 1 month of Game Pass (Xbox’s new game subscription service), premium button layout controller, and a few more items.

As mentioned above, you can see how the color goes from being Black at the top, to a slight grey on the bottom. This is exclusive to the PS Edition. I myself think it’s a pretty decent look, but even if it was pitch black all over it would have been descent as well. The stand that’s barely visible at the bottom is included, but not included in the regular edition. Now I’ve only owned one stand for a console. That stand being the “Vault” for the Xbox 360 S. Which was this stand/case for your system to stand vertical and to protect it.

As far as the box is concerned, a giant X can be found on the front and back. If you don’t remember, that original Xbox had a giant X on the console. Dang I miss that console something awful. A lot of Halo and Halo 2 playing on it, as well as Spy vs Spy. But I think the X gives the box character, also pointing out what started the original design of the first Xbox console and name.

As I mentioned, the logo is strictly for this Edition. As seen on the box, console, and controller, they all have the “Project Scorpio” logo embedded on them in green. Now the new Xbox could have been name “Scorpio” but X does make more sense. Also the premium buttons are visible, nearly the same as my Xbox One Halo 5 edition controller. Except the blue chromed D-pad and grey/blue skin. But, it’s a well designed controller skin and color nonetheless.

Now I could go on and on about what I hate about the name, design, color, and also the fact that we were told that VR or AR would be apart of the new console and how Xbox decided against it and tried to avoid the question when asked at E3 17. But, that was the previous post and I’m not going to get into all that. In the end, the Xbox One X is a decent gaming console. Yes, it has more power than the Sony PS4 Pro which Sony fans say isn’t true, but to the point, it’s a decent console. It has a few games made for it that I’m interested to try out when they are released and some older games that are getting the 4k update like Halo 5.

For the same price of the regular you get a few upgrades that the regular edition doesn’t have. This PS Edition is limited and will only be available till it’s all pre-ordered out. But, it it worth it? I say yes, if your a fan or the Project Scorpio name and you like the few extras that come with it then go an ore-order it today. But, it’s the same price, so why not have a very limited edition of the new console for the same price?

With that, I haven’t decided if I want it yet. I’ve been moving more and more to the PC side of Gaming and love the keyboard and mouse. But than again, it would be nice to have the new Xbox for 4k. That’s the only great thing about it since VR got booted. If you want 4k then definitely buy the console, if you can live without it for another year or two when the new Xbox comes out then wait. But, as always, decisions decisions.