VR Not Coming To Xbox One X?

After the Xbox E3 briefing concluded I couldn’t help that I felt like it was missing something. That something being VR. Microsoft has teased that Project Scorpio (Xbox One X) would be getting VR support, but didn’t detail any kind of information as to How we would get VR as far as who is making the headset. Of course I was excited for this as its one of the main reasons I wanted to get the Xbox One X.

     With VR really making a big mark in the gaming industry, there isn’t a reason why Xbox would skip out on it, or is there? There have been many reports questioning if due to the relationship between Microsoft and Oculus Rifit that maybe the Rift would be the VR headset. Since Microsofts own Hololens headset isn’t truly ready for the mass public and might not ever be, but this stands to reason why people would speculate that the Oculus Rift would be the designated VR headset for Xbox One X when it launches. 

     Acer is just one of a handful of companies that are apparently building VR headsets for Windows 10. As much as I would have liked to try out the Rift sadly that’s not going to be. As far as Microsoft is concerned, they have decided to ditch VR and go with AR. AR stands for Agumented Reality. For example, in the middle of the living room could be a gigantic sign with today’s weather information on it. You could put a gigantic screen on your wall and watch tv, movies, or play games while still being aware of your surroundings, but having mixed reality. So instead of having a full virtual world, AR gives you a mix of Reality and AR. 

     PlayStation introduced their VR headset last year with a whopping $399 price tag. It’s been getting some great reviews since then. So it comes natural that Xbox would bring their new Windows 10 Headsets to the Xbox One X when they arrive. But according to new reports Microsoft has changed its mind. After teasing the One X would get AR support things have changed it seems. Microsoft has decided not to bring AR to the new console. Microsoft was stated saying that “VR is meant for the PC Gaming, not the console.”

     This is a big turn around. With no VR support the Xbox One X will only be a console that brings you 4k gaming. While I love great visuals, I don’t see how a $500 new 4k console is worth it. The Xbox One S brings 4k bluRay and 4k Netflix. If a 4K system is that big of a deal that your more than likely to buy it. But Microsoft has been falling behind Sony for a while now. The new Xbox was suppose to set that straight. But, the PS4 Pro is $100 cheaper, has 4K gaming, and their own VR headset. Yes, the One X has more power than the PS4 Pro, but I don’t see how it’s going to sell more than the PS4 pro now that VR is off the table for Xbox’s New System. 
     I use to be a PS fan. I’ve owned nearly every system that’s been out from every major gaming platform. But, one day something changed. My PS3 slim just didn’t excite me anymore. So, I ended up switching teams and just spent more time on my 360S than my PS3 S. But, when I look at it, Sony has more exclusives. Better hardware. Better games. Etc. With Xbox play anywhere and more and more main titles going to pc, I don’t see a reason why I should even have my Xbox One anymore. The only reason I have a Xbox is due to Halo. That’s it. I’m more into PC gaming now, and to be honest the PS4 has more games that I would like to play. So, more than likely I will be going back to Sony. I’ve loved Xbox, but over the years I’ve lost interests in them. 

     Now you would spend way more for a PS4 Pro and the VR headset. The PS4 Pro priced at $399 and the Base VR headset priced at $399, this is $600. Not included in the base is the PS motion controls. Which is a mandatory for the full effect of the psVR experience. This bundled with the VR headset, Camera, controls, etc…… This will cost you around $499. So, in the end, your looking at $700 for the PS4 Pro and the complete VR set up. But, even though that’s $200 more than the Xbox One X, it seems worth it. That is if you don’t own a PC Gaming rig with VR capabilitys. 

     Microsoft is riding on the Xbox One X to be a hit, but without VR and some people that don’t have a 4K tv and don’t see the point in spending $500 for a powerful console that’s meant for 4K. The Xbox One X seems like a great console, sadly Microsoft is falling further and further behind. Especially in sales, games, and active users. This could all change when it’s release, but I won’t hold my breath.


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