E3 2017

     I can almost hear all the guys nearly scream like little girls. The expectations, the reveals, the hidden secrets will all soon be revealed. If you don’t know what E3 is then you must not be apart of the Gaming Community. But, I don’t mind explaining to the non gaming person what E3 is. 
     E3 is short for “Electronic Entertainment Expo”, Hence the name E3. It’s the one week of the year we’re every gamer just about wants to scream like a little school girl. It’s held in June, the dates change from time to time, but June is the month. It’s held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There all the major players like; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Etc come to gether willingly, cough cough, to show off new and exciting Games, Consoles, and other devices. 
     It’s the one place to go to or to live stream to get all the latest info on all the new gaming content. If Microsoft has a new console coming out then you can bet a million dollars that’s usually where they would reveale it. If Rockstar wants to give a trailer, or reveal the new Grand Thert Auto game then that’s where it will be. So, E3 has a big place in all the gamers hearts. If you wish to go then expect to pay out some good money. Let’s just say it’s not cheap. But, I will say it would be a once in a life time experience. 


  • Microsoft – Xbox

     With getting the introduction over with I wanna talk about a few things. Mostly, what will Microsofts new Code named “Project Scorpio” Xbox Pro will look like. Not long ago the spects of the console were released and we finally got to get a good glimpse of what this beast has under the hood.

     Now, the developer kit photo was released, but it’s the developers kit. It won’t really look like that. But, I wish for a console that will break from tradition. Microsoft got some scrutiny when it came to the debut of “Xbox One” especially with it looking like a old, antique VHS player. Now I’m not saying I hate the design of the X1, but I don’t really like it as well. 
     When the Xbox One S was debuted I was really surprised. They made it look similar to the Xbox One, but they also slightly changed it. With also changing the size while making it smaller also helped. I really liked the design. So, for the next Xbox console I hope it changes things. I want Microsoft to hold to the fact that “This is the fastest, biggest, and over all the best gaming console ever” With that I believe changing the design to fit the statement might also help it.

     I know when I seen the PS4 Pro design I nearly laughed. I mean it nearly looks like Sony put a slim on top of a normal PS4. It actually looks like an incomplete Pyramid. We are in a modern world of technology, can’t we have some mind blowing designs? Yet we get a half complete pyramid and a old VHS style box. Come on, your not fooling anyone. 

     With that Being said, I have high hopes for “Project Scorpio” and what it might look like, the price, and the official name. We will learn more on June 11th which is when Microsoft is expected to hold their E3 briefing.

  • 343i

     Now I would like to shift my attention to 343 Industries.  I credit my old friend Justin G for introducing me to this game. The many hours, days, weeks, years we spent playing this game during the summer or after school was some of the best times of my life. Bungie released “Halo: Combat Evolved” in 2001, But, no Halo game came close to Bungie’s last game in the Master Chief Saga than Halo 3.Bungie went on to make Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo: Fall of Reach. 

     The split of Bungie and Microsoft came as a shock to everyone because even though Bungie was the one who came up with the halo series Microsoft actually owned the rights. When Bungie left Microsoft they had to leave their most beloved Game Series behind as well. It wasn’t long before Microsoft had a special department issued to take the helm for the future of the Halo Series. That’s when 343 Industries or aka 343i was introduced. Since taking the helm we have seen Halo Aniversory (Marking the 10 year aniversory which originally came out on the original Xbox, 343i released in 2011 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for the Xbox 360. Complete with update visuals, scenes, etc), then came Halo 4 (The continuation of Master Chief’s story), Halo: The Master Chief Collection ( which came out for Xbox One, it combined Halo 1-4 into one game. Marking the 10th aniversory for Halo 2, instead of releasing Halo 2 Aniversory as a stand alone game, they included it with the MCC.), Halo 5, and last but not least Halo Wars 2.
     Now I could go on an on about the halo series. This is the one game that really got me into gaming, other than Crash Bandicoot. But, I will try to not spend any more time than is necessary. 343i hasn’t really done that well of a job when it comes to their continuation of the Halo Universe. Halo 4 was ok, MCC was a complete distaster ( Mostly because the online multiplayer was bugged since launch and 343i tried to fix all the problems but seemed to give up after a while. I still play it from time to time, haven’t really experienced any problems, but I’m not the only one who will say MCC was a disaster from the start and 343i should have spent more time working on it.), Halo 5 was probably the biggest let down. I’m surprised 343i still has me as a valued player as well as others. (Taking away couch potato split screen, introducing a new team, limiting Master chief scenes and play time to 3 out of 15 missions. I could go on. Halo 5 will go down as the worst halo game ever created.)

     343i has apologized to their fans for the game and reassure that Halo 6 will be all about Master chief, and the couch potato split screen also making a come back, but I’m on the fence about all this. Halo Wars 2 got a lot of positive feedback and some negative feedback, haven’t played it yet, but plan on it. But, 343i posted that they will have a little something at E3 17 next month. As to what that is we can only guess. Halo 6 has been shot down as in it won’t make an appearance at E3 next month and there is a rumor that it’s actually being pushed to 2019 instead of 2018. 343i has also many time denied the existence of a possible Halo 3 Anniversary and with that there really isn’t much to go on. We will have to wait till June 11th to find out what 343i “Little Something” is. 

     With E3 right around the corner Im very excited about what new games will be showcased. Microsoft might even showcase their new Agumented Reality headsets that are suppose to be released next year for the Scorpio. Will we get an update on GTA 6 or maybe Elder Scrolls 6? I guess we will have to wait to find out. 

Till next time, get some sleep night owls. 


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