In The End

     So, i thought I’d share a piece of my thoughts today. In the early am. Well, I better explain. I was working my normal 3rd shift. It was the last shift before some days off. I went in Saturday at 5:30pm and wouldn’t get off till Sunday at 5:00am. Well, I ended up leaving work at 5:30am. All I wanted to do was get home as fast as I could. It’s my so called off days and I just wanna be in my bed playing games. Normal kind of Sunday morning. I decided to take a quicker way home. Going up the mountain a different way. Well, on my way I finally got the the bottom of the mountain before I started heading up. This road is broken into two parts. The first part was a little road that lead you half way up, then a steeper hill that would take you to the top. As I turned on the first part of heading up the mountain a SUV passed me flashing their lights. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what that means. I slowed down to a speed I normally wouldn’t drive, I guess you could call me a speed demon. Once I reached the end of part 1 of the small road I noticed 2 Police issued SUV’s and they had a road towards the right blocked up and had their blue light running. I’m surprised I didn’t run of the road. It’s in the early am and bright flashing lights don’t mix. I continued to head home and just wondered what was going on like anyone would. I ended up pushing it from my mind and just drove home to start my days off.

     Later in the day I ended up going back to work on my day off to see a co worker that I’m good friends with and she ended up switching shifts. We talked, for a little over an hour and with working at a hospital you get inside scoop on a lot of things. This is when she informed me on what I seen coming home from work that same morning. On Sunday, April 3rd a former schoolmate I went to school with (but really didn’t know), a former national guard member, a member of the local police department, a soon to be husband, a father, hit a concrete wall. The car was smashed to pieces and he didn’t make it. This guy was around my age, maybe a few years older. But the point is, I got me thinking. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, a second more, days, months, years. This guy was a hell of a guy and he just died. We don’t know when our time is up, but this guys boy is going to grow up without his dad.

     This is something that reminds me of a story I might tell one day, but when life is going good, then torn, you try to make sense of it. You try to make sense of why, why was this man taken way too soon? He had a hell of a lot more time on this planet. All his hopes, dreams, thoughts, they seized to exist. Everything was there, and then gone. It just goes to show you how life can just be gone in a heart beat. This is why we all need to think about the choices we make every single day and what the outcome might be. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, but we can try to make better choices. So, just watch your speed, and if something seems dangerous that’s probably because it is.
Thanks, Mr. Night owl